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Quang Trung Museum – Where the Heroic Spirit of Tay Son Dynasty is Preserved

Cre: Trang TTĐT Bảo tàng Quang Trung Bình Định, Đình Hùng.

Quang Trung Museum is located in Binh Thanh commune, Tay Son district, Binh Dinh province, a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about Vietnamese history and culture. This place preserves and displays valuable artifacts related to the Tay Son uprising and Emperor Quang Trung – the national hero who had great merit in repelling the Qing invaders and unifying the country in the 18th century.

Quang Trung Museum Attracts Tourists with Historical and Cultural Value

The museum is built on the site of the homeland of the three Tây Sơn brothers, surrounding the Tây Sơn Tam Kiệt Temple and Tây Sơn Hall. It retains several original elements, such as the old house garden, ancient well, and a 200-year-old tamarind tree, along with the Đống Đa Festival. Currently, the museum is named after Tây Sơn Thái Tổ, Emperor Quang Trung.

Quang Trung Museum in Bình Định has 9 exhibition rooms featuring an architectural style that is both modern and ancient, with yin-yang glazed roof tiles and designed like a Vietnamese communal house or temple from the 18th century. The exhibition hall has 9 sections with over 11,000 displayed documents. These exhibit the development stages of the Tây Sơn Uprising and Emperor Quang Trung (1788-1792).

The architecture at Quang Trung Museum is a perfect blend of traditional and modern lines.

The interior exhibition area of the museum is beautifully designed.

The museum is designed with a balanced layout, radiating outward and converging at the center – the location of the Quang Trung – Nguyễn Huệ statue. From afar, the museum exudes an ancient aura with tiled roofs and delicately carved patterns. In front of the courtyard, there is a triple gate, followed by a stele house recording the hero Quang Trung’s achievements in the national script. The main hall is divided into three sections: the middle section worships Nguyễn Huệ, the left section worships Nguyễn Nhạc, and the right section worships Nguyễn Lữ. At both ends of the hall are altars for Tây Sơn scholars and warriors: Bùi Thị Xuân, Ngô Thì Nhậm, Trần Quang Diệu, Ngô Văn Sở, Trần Văn Kỷ, and Võ Văn Dũng.

Bronze statues of the Tây Sơn Tam Kiệt are displayed at the museum.

When visiting Quang Trung Museum, remember to stop by the old garden of Emperor Quang Trung’s family, where two extremely valuable relics are still preserved: the ancient well and the nearly 300-year-old tamarind tree. An old legend says that anyone who drinks from this well will be cured of all diseases, adding a curious and attractive element for visitors.

The famous laterite well.

The centuries-old tamarind tree at the museum.

In addition, what captivates visitors at Quang Trung Museum are the Tây Sơn martial music performances, which are a source of pride for the people of Bình Định. The Tây Sơn battle drum music features a set of 12 drums symbolizing the 12 zodiac animals. A drum performance consists of three sections: troop deployment, attacking the enemy, and celebrating victory. However, the special point is that there is no drum section for retreat, as it is said that in the life of the “peasant hero of Tây Sơn,” there was never a defeat, never a retreat, only continuous victories like the relentless drumbeats. During the Tây Sơn uprising, these performances were staged to boost the morale of the troops, spurring rapid marches and ultimate victory, leading to the establishment of the Tây Sơn dynasty.

Tây Sơn – Bình Định martial arts performances.

Tây Sơn martial music performances are held at Quang Trung Museum.

When visiting Quang Trung Museum, don’t forget to watch a short film that reenacts the entire process of the Tây Sơn army’s battles and victories. The film is meticulously produced and realistic, although the film quality is somewhat old and the scenes not very sharp, it will provide you with a deeper understanding and admiration for the national hero Quang Trung.

The screening room features a film about the Tây Sơn army’s uprising journey.

If you have the chance to visit Bình Định, besides admiring the picturesque landscapes, make sure to visit Quang Trung Museum to pay tribute to the heroes and listen to the heroic historical tales of the nation.

Detailed Information for Visiting Quang Trung Museum:

  • Adults: 50,000 VND/visit/person (including 1,000 VND – Insurance fee)
  • Pupils, students, trainees: 25,500 VND/visit/person (including 1,000 VND – Insurance fee) (Applicable for: Children from 6 to under 15 years old; Elderly (with ID); Students with a school introduction letter).
  • Free admission: Children under 6 years old, war invalids, sick soldiers (with a card), and disabled people.
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